18 - 20 March, 2019 | Intelligent Automation Nordics

Per Arne Nilsen

Head of Robotics, Business Transformation

11:30 AM Workshop D

Running a successful RPA piloting programme

A practical overview of the main considerations you will need to work through during your RPA piloting phase. The main topics we will work through include: 

  • How to efficiently analyse processes across your organisation to identify a pipeline of potential candidates for automation
  • Examples from different industries: which pilots have laid the most solid foundations for an RPA rollout?
  • The business side: which projects will help to create the greatest internal confidence in robotics, in the areas where cooperation will be needed the most?
  • What frameworks can you use for setting realistic goals and timeframes for a pilot project? 
  • Technology selection for a pilot: differentiating between the vendors, and assessing subscription and licencing options to minimise financial risk
  • Bringing the relevant department on board with the project, gaining trust from the leadership and employees
  • Approaches to mapping and redesigning processes for an RPA pilot, especially in cases where you have very little documentation
  • Delineation of roles for the pilot: IT, the business, the vendor and other external service providers

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Per Arne.

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