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Intelligent Automation Nordics: RPA & AI Summit Agenda

  • 150+ Attendees
  • 60+ Expert Speakers
  • 3 Jam-Packed Days
  • 40+ Interactive Case Studies, Panels and Workshops
  • 12+ Hours of Dedicated Networking

No matter where you are on the maturity curve, the Nordics community are coming together to delve into different facets of Artificial Intelligence, from Natural Language Processing to Reasoning, Prediction and Chatbots - discover how you can improve your processes, drive out waste and improve efficiency. 

Industry content

Post-Show Report for RPA and Artificial Intelligence London, November 2016

After our SOLD OUT RPA and Artificial Intelligence Summit in London, we are excited to bring you the POST SHOW report. Find out more about who attended and the key discussions, delegates responses and more. We are looking forward to the same success in the Nordics.

Robotic Process Automation - 5 Key Facts

To get a better idea of the RPA landscape, we surveyed our audience of senior shared service professionals to see how their companies are approaching automation. Below you will find the five most important findings from that data.

How Robotics is Impacting Engie

An interview with Martin Ruane, Programme Director at Engie.

What will be your Automation journey? Hear what Lufthansa and Nordea are planning

To help you with your automation journey, we spoke to two industry experts about what automation initiatives they are currently implementing to help you with new ideas and to gain a better understanding of RPA. Download the content piece and discover major trends at Nordea and Lufthhansa Global Business Services to help you write your business strategy. 

The Evolution of RPA and Artificial Intelligence

This report gives you an overview of how RPA and artificial intelligence has recently taken businesses by storm and how they are adapting their processes to include robotics in 2017 and beyond.

With 10+ interviews with key industry leading figures (Swiss Re, Engie, Royal Mail, Nordea to name a few), survey results, valuable insights of discussions that took place at the recent London RPA and Artificial Intelligence Summit and much more.

Download the report by completing the form below to find out more.

RPA in the Nordic Region: Realistic Performance Enhancement or Clever Tagline?

This report is an evaluation of RPA’s role as Nordics markets redefine their growth and service strategies.

One Step Ahead with Digital Transformation

Lukas Hebeisen, Head of Implementation & Digital Transformation at Swiss Post Solutions, outlines the benefits and advantages of digital transformation in document and information management for corporations.

Digital Transformation in Insurance

Digital transformation increases the pressure on insurance companies to rethink their traditional structures and further automate their work processes. Swiss Post Solutions relies on Intelligent Automation to support its clients to further exploit their digitization potential in their business models.

The Automation Journey

Ahead of the Nordic RPA & Artificial Intelligence Summit taking place in Stockholm this May, we spoke to two industry experts about the automation initiatives they are currently implementing.

Indirect Procurement: 2017 Market Report

Despite all the progress made in financial processing, indirect procurement still lags the efficiencies achieved elsewhere. To shed some light on where the greatest gaps are, OpusCapita and the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network surveyed SSON’s members earlier this year. The results of that survey are summarized in this report, under four main headings: supplier engagement practices, catalog management, procurement processes, and future plans. The report clearly identifies obvious weaknesses that can, be solved with the help of technology.